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Beissel Industrial Needles
Beissel Home Sewing Needles are suitable for all kinds of household sewing machines. However, the twin and triple needles are only compatible with modern sewing machine types.
About System 130-705 H
  • 130-705 H needles are equivalent to 15×1 H needles (Japanese).
  • 2020 (Singer) household sewing machines require a needle with a flattened shank.
  • All needles in this system have a flattened shank for perfect positioning in the needle bar, in relation to the hook.
Universal Needles 130-705 H
Light ball point yet sharp pointed makes versatile for many applications.
Fabric use: Suitable for most woven and knits; works with all household sewing machine brands.
Ball Point (Jersey) Needles - 130-705 H SUK
Needles with slightly rounded tip shape with the ability to enter in between the yarns of knit fabric, instead of piercing like a sharp point needle.
Fabric use : Suitable for cotton knits, interlock, rip knits, fleece, double knits and most knit fabrics.
Jeans Needles - 130-705 H
Needles with unique spear point, penetrates light fabrics without pushing the fabric down in to the stitch plate hole.
Fabric use : Suitable for sewing denim, canvas, multiple layers of fabrics, and for other densely woven fabrics.
Embroidery Needles - 130-705 HE
Comparatively larger eye than universal needles and accounts for smooth thread flow while sewing. Light ball point suits most of the materials.
Fabric use : Suitable for embroidery work with polyester, rayon, and with other specialty threads.
Universal Twin Needles - 130-705 H ZWI
Constructed with two needles on cross bar from a single shaft. Twin needles sew two rows of stitching at the same time. Suitable for heirloom sewing, decorative stitching and anywhere else that may require multiple uniform stitching rows.
Triple Needles
Specially made to produce decorative stitching patterns, and are used for pin tucks, topstitching, single and multi-coloured decorative seams and hems.
Metallic Needles - 130 MET
Metallic Needles have longer eye than embroidery needles to protect the thread from shredding or breaking.
Fabric use : Designed especially for sewing with decorative metallic threads. It is also ideal for use with monofilament thread.
Leather Needles - 130-705 H-LL
Due to the angle of incision, this needle point produces a stitch formation inclined slightly to left and is particularly suited to decorative seams.
Fabric use : Needles with cutting point for sewing leather or leather like materials.
Stretch Needles - 130-705 H-S
Needles with ball point and specially shaped Scarf design ensure skip-free stitches.
Fabric use : Suitable for sewing elasticized fabrics such as spandex, active knit wear, Gymnastic knits and swim wear.
Top Stitch Needles - 130 N
Top stitch needles have long eye (in comparison to universal and Embroidery needles) and is suitable for replacing missing stitches in embroidery.
Fabric use : Suitable for sewing with thicker yarn and for decorative stitch with multiple threads.
Serger / Over Lock Needles - EL x705
This needle is specially designed for use in electronic multipurpose sergers that do the over lock, cover, safety, and mock safety stitches. Not suitable for use in normal home sewing machines or embroidery machines. Machines should specify ELX705 system.

Stretch Twin Needles - 130-705 H-S ZW
Suitable for synthetic suede and elastic knitwear. Constructed with two needles on a cross bar from a single shaft, It sews two rows of decorative stitching at the same time.

Wing Needles - 130-705 H Wing
Special needles that are ideal for hem stitch and decorative heirloom stitching.

Self-threading Needles
Needles that are easy to thread and use.

Microtex (Sharp) Needles - 130-705 HM
Needles with very slim acute point shape produce straight and beautiful top stitching on fine fabrics such as Micro-Fibre fabrics, Silk, Nylon, Poplin and Polyester.

Quilting - 130-705 HQ
Needles with slim point shape and unique scarf design especially made for machine quilting and patchwork, which helps to pierce the fabric smoothly and eliminate skip stitches.

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