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Make a T-shirt into a Pillow!

“Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle” T-shirt Pillow
Supplies: Scissor, some old soft clothes, Iron (iron on transfer paper), Batting, Fabric glue or sewing

  • Step-1: Find one of your child’s outgrown T-shirts. Wash and dry.
  • Step-2: Choose the appropriate iron-on image and the type of iron-on transfer paper based on the colour of your fabric. For dark-coloured fabrics, print the non-reversed iron-on onto transfer paper for dark clothing. The image is ironed onto the fabric face up. For lighter fabrics, print the reverse image iron-on onto transfer paper for light clothing. The image is ironed facedown onto the fabric. Cut out the iron-on image and iron it onto the centre of the T-shirt using the transfer paper’s instructions.


  • Step-3: Seal the bottom of the T-shirt and the edges of the sleeves with fabric glue. Let dry. If the front and back of the neck opening are at different heights, cut along the lower line so the front and back have identically curved edges to glue or sew together.
  • Step-4: Stuff the pillow through the neck opening with batting or old, soft clothes that you think would fit in.
  • Step-5: Once the “pillow” is pumped up, seal the neck opening with fabric glue or sew together.
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